SRC Executives for 2015/2016 Academic Year

As Students’ Representative our primary focus is to ensure the general welfare of all students of this college. It is also our duty to organize, coordinate and participate in decision-making and events that bring about a positive impact on our collage. These may include:
• Expressing student opinion
• Organizing student activities,
• Partaking in decision making,
• Fundraising for the college and SRC
• Liaising between students and administration
• Developing and assisting students to become balanced adults and promoting of responsible values and behaviour.
Since the establishment of the college, the SRC has effectively undertaking and achieved goals that have had significant impact on the college, the Aburi community and the surrounding towns. It is our vision to successfully continue to achieve positive goals that will help our college in the future.

Boatemaa Yaa Jackie --President--
General Knowledge (2C)

Asare Gyan Susanna --VicePresident--
Early Childhood Edu. (2B)

Odai Victoria Momo --G. Secretary--
General Knowledge (2D)

Amone Acheamfour Ernestina --Deputy Secretary--
Early Childhood Edu.

Anokye Beatrice --Organizer--
General Knowledge (2E)

Baidoo Belinda --Financial Secretary--
General Knowledge (2E)

Appiah Rebecca --Treasurer--
General Knowledge (2D)